4 Simple Ways to Cope with Stress

“Give your stress wings, and let it fly away” by Terri Guillemets.


People face stress every day, no matter from work or study. It’s always a choice for you to choose how to handle stress, here’re the 4 simple ways to handle stress. Try them out!


  • Make time for hobbies

We know you have a very busy life, but try to maintain a work-life balance. Reserve some time for hobbies, it can be painting, playing basketball or reading books, anything you feel comfortable and relaxed after doing it would help.

  • Regular exercise

Hit the gym during your free time! Regular exercise helps regulate your sleep, boosts your energy and helps you remain calmer and more focused. It has a long-term benefit for you to cope with stress.


  • Get outside

Just leave home and absorb some vitamin D! Research indicates that it could help boosting your levels of feel-good serotonin. Date a friend or two to have a picnic in the park or go for a hike this weekend to see how it goes.


  • Bond with your pet

Your pet is always your best friend! Spend more time with your pet at home or go out for a walk, your pet would appreciate that too.