Laurent Segretier

"Meet Tourist" series


Laurent Segretier is a Hong Kong and Paris based French fine art photographer, whose artistic practice is influenced by his nomadic lifestyle and multicultural upbringing.


Segretier’s most recent series, Meet Tourist, celebrates the spectacle of the everyday. Commissioned by the Arca, Meet Tourist captures the environment and community of Wong Chuk Hang. Slices of Southside culture captured through the familiar passing of an airplane, the idle dock by the bay, the diligent construction worker carefully inspecting a work site. Working within the industrialised environment of Wong Chuk Hang further reveals Segretier’s attraction to and recognition of the working class as hidden power that fuels a society.


This series is a prime example of how Segretier uses the visual language of street photography to process public space, reinventing the mundane into novel forms and meanings in a style that is romantic and unapologetically honest.