Fan Ho

Back to Back / Private, Hong Kong 1960 / As Evening Hurries by Hong Kong 1955 / Different Directions, Hong Kong 1958 / Inferno / On the Stage of Life / Pattern, Hong Kong 1956 / East Meets Westm Hong Kong 1963


Prolific photographer Fan Ho began his artistic career in Shanghai, and subsequently moved to Hong Kong with his parents to continue his practice. Ho was motivated by his intense love for the common Hong Kong people, often photographing street vendors, hawkers and pedestrians, unintentionally capturing the soul of the city. Most commonly found in his works are recognizable locales of the city; alleyways, wet markets, residential complexes, often captured in dramatic fashion with atmospheric backlit effect through a combination of smoke and light.

Ho is a quintessential Hong Konger and a giant of the local photography community. He continued to practice photography and eventually began to film directing until retiring at the age of 65.